Raoof Dashti

“My preoccupation is not with good or evil, nor with justice, freedom, etcetera. Quite the contrary, my preoccupation solely belongs to me and this is not something general that belongs to everyone. It’s a unique thing. Just like I am unique. To me there is nothing bigger than myself”*.  The paintings of Hadi Alijani not only depict his biography, but also they point to the fact that they often re-create the face of a painter. Although satire and tomfoolery have an important place in his works, still they are a type of painful paintings with fictional characteristics. While expressing thoughts and conditions that he deems necessary, Alijani distorts the nature of what is observed. In the works of Alijani human beings are the measure and scale of everything and this belief leads to the formation of the concept of individuality and personal attitudes. Therefore, his paintings are used as tools to stress the uniqueness of the artists’ individual personality. There is no such thing as graciousness and masterful humility in his works and the naked faces of shapes, suddenly jump out of his paintings through complex, complicated and injured turbulence. They stare at the viewer right in the face, mesmerizing them.

* Amin Ghazaie

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