Mehdi Chitsazha

At first glance Hadi Alijani s paintings seems along the seventy-year effort of modern art in Iran for localization and identity and nothing more. Nevertheless this effort is both necessary and worthy but in my opinion these works are more important. From the beginning of modern painting and training to Iran and its link to our pictural tradition was the biggest concern of modernist artists. Early modernist like future generation in order to know the past  tried to fertilize new methods with motifs that  roots in own ancient culture so that escape from westernization and have something to innovation. Of course cannot be expected more and it may not have been substantially but the large part of this art is consolidated and mannerist so-called and until today much of the criticism entered and part of it were proud of test of time. maybe not to count the exact reason for the excellence of work but in my idea persistence and impact should always see beyond cultural efforts when such an approach rooted in our biological experiments and according to right training or personal talent are expressed with proper methods.
Hadi Alijani is a young artist that in my opinion deal the most honest with our last pictorial. Not seen any effort to modernize it. He gone to pictures directly and absorbed to colorful and imaginary nature and present by modern method. Although in his work sometimes appear concept art of Iran and fortunately it is the most neutral. But the reality is that under the skin of this concept games art is seen as a sign of real game. The child well -being undoubtedly stemmed from Alijani’s experience and linked with the major concern of contemporary art. This link is outside the scope of this brief description but that Alijani empty of human existence (but no human presence) to invite viewers to a feast for the assignment of herts. As the colorful world of Persian painting lyrical theme or whatever its ultimate martial sees the aesthetic vitality such an approach of course always the danger of being accused seeks to create works that are purely decorative. Perhaps fearing that the young painters charge that informed or influenced by the atmosphere of his work has led to the imposition of additional connotation. I think the fear is unwarranted and only feature in his work forcing the audience to open a nod blind. Fortunately the problem is not serious and his work rate plastic beautician youth force that playfulness that ignores the fact that the strange creature and the dream he kept.

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